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Our Environmental Commitment

Viejo Indecente and the Lucas family proudly set themselves apart through an unwavering commitment to natural farming and environmentally friendly production methods.

For three generations, our family has lived off this land, and we are proud to do all that we can to give back to it and preserve it for future generations.
— -- José Lucas, Third Generation Master Distiller


The Lucas family employs an all-natural fertilization technique, which utilizes polyculture techniques for the agave species grown in their own fields by rotating crops. This diversity has eliminated the need for all pesticides, and instead the family uses the leftover fiber of processed agave hearts to enrich the soil and protect the young agaves.


Steam cooking methods allow the brand to better control the piña cooking process, which keeps the agave-to-spirit ratio high. With traditional fire cooking, agave hearts are often charred in the process, lowering the final yield to approximately 60 percent. Viejo Indecente’s yield is substantially higher, at 99 percent. Likewise, steam cooking doesn’t require the use of any lumber in the production process.